Dealing With Hair Loss

Hair is an important aspect of feeling good for many people. When you’re dealing with hair loss, it can impact your confidence and make you feel embarrassed. You might find yourself constantly wearing a hat to avoid the fact that you may be losing your hair. You may not realize this, but a great place to get help with your hair loss is at your dermatologist's office. Your dermatologist can help find the cause of your hair loss and tackle the problem head-on.

Dealing With Hair Loss

Your dermatologist specializes in caring for your skin and this includes dealing with your scalp. They will examine the hair and check what may be going on with your scalp. They’ll also ask questions about your hair loss to determine what factors may be impacting it. Your hair will also be tested to see how healthy it is overall.

Once your dermatologist has all this information, they’ll be able to determine what’s causing your hair loss and start treatment from there. You might be dealing with a disease, infection, vitamin deficiency, or hormone imbalance. There are also some conditions that you may deal with that cause temporary hair loss and hair may start to regrow without additional assistance.

You may want to consider products like Rogaine to help stimulate hair growth at home. Your dermatologist can also recommend corticosteroids. With these injections, they can stimulate hair growth into balding and thinning areas on the scalp.

Similarly, you can consider using platelet-rich plasma, also known as PRP. First, you’ll have blood drawn and it will be spun around quickly to separate the plasma from the blood. This plasma will then be injected into the areas of hair loss to stimulate growth. You’ll need to continue treatments to ensure that results continue to improve.

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