When To See a Dermatologist

Enjoying healthy skin is important. Your skin protects your vital organs and soft tissues, so you want to do everything you can to keep your skin healthy. Our dermatologist can help. Dr. Terry Garbacz at Dermatology of North Texas, in Wichita Falls, TX, provides a wide range of medical dermatology services, to help you enjoy healthy skin.

What You Need To Know About Dermatology

Skin conditions are a common problem, so when should you see a dermatologist? You should see a dermatologist if you have:

  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Skin rashes

It may be tempting to try over-the-counter products, but a much better, more long-term solution is to visit our dermatologist for professional treatment.

Our dermatologist provides a wide range of prescription-strength products if you have rosacea, eczema, or skin rashes. Treatments are designed to help minimize itching, redness, and other uncomfortable signs and symptoms.

If you have acne, our dermatologist may recommend antibiotics to kill underlying bacteria infecting your pores. Benzoyl peroxide and tretinoin are other options to clear blocked pores.

You should also see a dermatologist if you are at high risk of skin cancer. You are at higher risk of skin cancer if you:

  • Have light skin and freckles
  • Sunburn easily
  • Spend a lot of time out in the sun
  • Have a family history of skin cancer

You should see your dermatologist if you notice:

  • Large moles, with a diameter greater than 6 millimeters
  • Irregular moles, with ragged, uneven borders
  • Asymmetrical moles, with one side different from the other
  • Recurring moles, which have reappeared after the previous removal
  • Moles that bleed, ooze, or itch

Dr. Garbacz has several treatment options to remove moles.

Want To Know More?

If you have a skin condition, you need a skin expert-your dermatologist. To find out more about when to see a dermatologist, call Dr. Terry Garbacz at Dermatology of North Texas, in Wichita Falls, TX. You can reach him in the office by calling (940) 767-3376 so call today.