When To Have a Mole Removed

There are many reasons why our dermatologist might recommend that you get a mole removed. It could be causing you issues or could be infected and cancerous. It’s important to understand why moles are often removed and listen to your dermatologist's advice if they recommend mole removal. Dr. Terry Garbacz at Dermatology of North Texas in Wichita Falls, TX, can explain when mole removal is necessary and whether you may need a mole removed. 

Reasons For Mole Removal

There are many good reasons why our dermatologist in Wichita Falls, TX, might suggest mole removal. Typically, mole removal will be suggested when a mole is in a spot that causes you continuous issues. This could be a sensitive area or an area that gets irritated often. This could mean a mole on your face, in your armpit, or near your waist. Instead of dealing with constant irritation and problems, your dermatologist might recommend mole removal. 

Most commonly, moles are removed when they’re cancerous. If a mole is infected, it needs to be removed as soon as possible to avoid the cancer spreading throughout your body. This means that there are signs of irregularities that you should be aware of in your mole. 

The common signs are changes in size, shape, or color, or any new moles that have begun to pop up. If our dermatologist suspects that the mole is cancerous, it will be removed as soon as possible and tested to make sure that all the cancer has been removed. Getting a cancerous mole removed could potentially save your life. 

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